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Biography of Dana Winner

With more than two million CD’s sold in Belgium and abroad, Dana Winner is one of the most popular singers in Flanders. The artist with her “golden voice” can look back to a successful music career of more than 20 years.

Dana was born in Hasselt in 1965, on February 10. She grew up in a family with five children, and she always loved to sing. She was one of the members of a local church choir. One day, when she participated in a singing contest with a song of Mireille Mathieu and she won! From that moment on, Dana’s career was launched. In 1989 she scored her first hit in Flanders with a cover of the Carpenters classic “Top of the world”. Since then, it never stopped..

Dozens of gold and platinum awards and several number one hits such as “De oude man en de zee“, “Woordenloos”, “Westenwind” and “Zeven Regenbogen” followed in the following years.

Regenbogen Dana’s vocal talents, her shows full of style, the carefully chosen songs and her passion make sure there is a lot of success beyond the borders of Belgium. She was elected five times best female singer in Belgium, and you could find her in the charts of the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden.

In 2007 Dana had an appointment with the music history in Germany: her song “Wenn du lachst” was the number 1 in the airplay charts and Dana was the most played artist on German radio. She was the first Belgian artist who did this.

Tussen nu en morgen Dana was also asked to sing on a duet CD with songs from André Hazes. The album was very successful and the duet with André was called “Als je alles weet” of the whole album.

In South Africa, Dana sold more than 400 000 albums in English, and she’s one of the most successful singers there.

In her own country, Dana suddenly got a recognition from Serge Simonart, a very critical journalist. He’s not an easy guy, and he wrotes that no one can match Dana qua timbre and phrasing. A very nice compliment..

Wenn du lachst The live performances of Dana and her band are appreciated very much all over the world. She performs in large halls and her concerts are sold out very fast..

After all those years on the road and tour the world, Dana is ready for the next step in her career. She came home and in the coming years she’ll consciously and deliberately focus on Belgium and the Netherlands. Indeed, Dana wants to fully concentrate on a dream project that haunts her head long and is in her heart.
The result of this dream is the album “Parels uit de Noordzee” (Pearls from the North Sea).

Pink Ribbon Since 2013, Dana is an ambassadress of Pink Ribbon, an association dedicated to women with breast cancer. This year, they focus on people who overcome the disease and have to go to work again. After an evening of talking and making music with Jan Beuvingen and Erik Vlasblom, the song “Hou Vast” was born. Right now, the song is recorded, and the profits will go to Pink Ribbon.

Bloom Dana Winner’s new album, which will be released late October 2014, was titled “BLOOM”.
Why “BLOOM”?
That’s quite simple: it’s a beautiful word with a warm sound and a very special meaning. It’s because “BLOOM” means as much as “blooming”.
Dana Winner likes the idea: an album with songs that flourish as the blossoms on a tree.
Dana has strived to put lovely songs in 5 languages on this album. She collaborated with the best songwriters and lyricists in different languages.
“Bloom” is the first album Dana Winner compiled completely by herself! With the Metropole Orchestra, she created a great album.
The new theater tour 2014-2015 in Belgium and the Netherlands is called “Hou Vast”, as one of the songs on the new album.