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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to write a letter or send an e-mail to Dana Winner.
Everyone who wants to, can write a letter to Dana.
You can send it to:
Fanclub Dana Winner
Meistraat 17
3510 Kermt - Hasselt

If you prefer to send an e-mail, you can send it to Dana
I'm looking for the songtext of one of Dana's songs
At the website there's an option "Discography". There you can find Dana's albums.
When you choose an album, you'll see a list with all the songs on that album and songtext.
I want to buy one of Dana's albums. Is that possible?
If you live in a European country, it's possible to buy an album of Dana Winner at our website. Go to "E-Shop", and follow the instructions as mentioned.

When you're from another country, you can try
They send cd's all over the world.
I want to become a member of the fanclub. Is it possible?
There is a Dana Winner fanclub, but only in Belgium.
Fans from the Netherlands can become a member of the Belgian fanclub.
You can find information about the fanclub at the website.

When you are from another country, you can become a member of the fanclub, but the most information that we send is in the dutch language

I want to go to a performance of Dana Winner. Where can I find information about it?
You can find the calendar with all Dana's performances at the website.
Take a look at "Event"
I want Dana to sing my favourite song during one of her performances. Is it possible?
Dana gets this question several times a week.
It is not possible for her to change the program of her performance every time, because the order of the songs has already been determined weeks ahead.

Is it possible to become the sheet music or a karaoke version of Dana's songs?
The sheet music of Dana's songs is property of the record company.
It is not possible to buy them.
There are no karaoke versions of Dana's songs.