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New single: 'De man van mijn dromen'
[03-10-2016]  New single: 'De man van mijn dromen' Everything is going well with Dana Winner, professionally and privately. Professionally there is the album “Puur”, and in her private life, there is a fantastic man with whom she already shares some years of her life. Therefore, Dana’s new single “De man van mijn dromen” (The man of my dreams) can’t fail. The single appeared on iTunes last week, and you can download it there.
“De man van mijn dromen” is a song from the album “Puur”, which is still in the Ultratop Album hitlist in Belgium, for 29 weeks already.

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[03-10-2016]  PUUR 2016 was the year of Dana Winner. Earlier this year, we had her participation in the TV show “Liefde voor muziek” (Love for music). A few months later, her album “Puur” was launched. The album is on its way to platinum now.
Every week since March, one of Dana’s songs was in the charts. But the highlight of this successful year, was the kick off of a series of four PUUR XXL concerts in the Ethias Theater in Hasselt.
1500 attendees enjoyed a fantastic music show. Dana and her band (14 musicians!) played almost a complete “Puur”-album, and they added some of Dana’s other hits and songs that were never played before. The fans were very enthusiastic about this more than two hour show from our nightingale.
Special guest this evening was Johannes Genard, who stole the show while jumping on stage with his "Honeybee". In addition, it was a special wish on Dana’s bucket list to stand on stage with a real rapper. Her wish was fulfilled when she released a duet with Cliff, rapper of KIA (Krapoel In Axe). Dana's daughter Chinouk sang a wonderful tribute to her mother. The evening ended with a great singing by Dana and her guests.
The show will be repeated three times: in Ghent, Ostend and Antwerp. All details can be found on the website.
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Christmas concert Oudenbosch
[03-10-2016]  Christmas concert Oudenbosch On December 15, Dana will perform in the Basilica of St Agatha in Oudenbosch for a Christmas concert. This basilica is so unique because it is built on the model of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
As usual, Hotel “De Reiskoffer” worked out an arrangement. You can stay in beautiful surroundings within walking distance of the basilica.
Included in the price: a visit to the basilica, a 3-course dinner, overnight stay with breakfast buffet, ticket for the Christmas concert, 1 drink, 1 welcome drink, free parking, and wifi in the hotel.
Take a look at and quickly book your package, as the past teaches us that this Christmas concert is sold out every year.
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[03-10-2016]  Calla On Friday, September 9th, a white Calla named “Dana Winner” was baptized in the studios of Radio 2 during the program “De Madammen”.
Dana Winner was elected as the ambassador of the 21st edition of Fleuramour, an international floral event that transforms the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen to an amazing artwork.
During Fleuramour, Dana performed in the church of the Commandery. Her favorite flower, the white Calla, is being baptized with the name “Dana Winner”.
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Dana Winner App
[11-09-2016]  Dana Winner App

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Jij bent de zon & ik de maan
[11-09-2016] Jij bent de zon & ik de maan It is no coincidence: finally the weather forecasts show sunny and warm weather and Dana Winner launches her brand new summer single "Jij bent de zon & ik de maan".
It's Dana Winner on her best because the single is a great feel-good song that makes you happy. In the corresponding clip of this song, you see Dana in an ancient castle surrounded by a lot of flowers.

Even more special is the fact that this clip was recorded in 1 shot. Dana even got a tattoo for this clip.
It seems 2016 is becoming the year of Dana Winner. 2016 started with "Liefde voor muziek" and the corresponding TV hits, at this time we have the release of "Jij bent de zon & ik de maan", the new single from Dana's golden album "Puur", and in autumn, there are 3 exclusive "PUUR" concerts with Dana's XXL Band.
On September 24, Dana performs in the Ethias Ethias Theater in Hasselt, on October 14 in Capitole Ghent, on November 4 at the Kursaal in Ostend and on November 11 at the City Theatre in Antwerp. For more information and tickets, check
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New album 'PUUR'
[04-03-2016]  New album 'PUUR'  On March 3, 2016, Dana presented her new album “PUUR” in the Fashion Museum in Hasselt. Dana’s popularity is bigger than ever and that’s prooved by the numerous attendance of journalists from radio, television, newspapers and magazines.
With the album “PUUR”, Dana returns to her roots: Dana Winner as we know her from the album “Licht en Liefde” (Rainbows of Love). On “PUUR” you’ll find songs for everyone: young and old.

Dana’s new album “PUUR” contains 17 songs, including the hits from “Liefde voor Muziek”, a Belgian tv program.

Golden album
During the presentation of her new album, Dana received a golden award from Patrick Guns, General Manager of Universal Music Belgium.

In Hasselt, you could admire the dress Dana will wear during here Exclusive XL-concerts this fall. In the middle section of this dress, there are LEDs on which any projection can be displayed.
This can be some text, but moving images are possible too. You can see Dana in this dress during the following concerts:
for ticket reservation look in the calendar

To support the release of her new album, you can see and hear Dana the coming days and week on several locations in Flanders:
the 4th of March, 17h in Standaard Boekhandel, Waasland Shopping Center, Kapellestraat 100, Shop 66 , 9100 Sint-Niklaas
the 5th of March, 14h in Fnac Wijnegem Shopping Turnhoutsebaan 5, 2110 Wijnegem
the 5th of March, 17h in Carrefour Kuringen, Kuringersteenweg 491 , 3511 Kuringen
the 12th of March, 14h in Mediamarkt Roeselare, Brugsesteenweg 435-439, 8800 Roeselare
the 12th of March, 17h in Standaard Boekhandel, Kouterstraat 12, 9140 Temse
On this locations Dana will sign your “PUUR” album and you can listen some songs there too.
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'Weer Verder Gaan' is number 1!!!
[22-01-2016]  'Weer Verder Gaan' is number 1!!!         Today we have great news. When we looked at the new Ultratop charts (the official charts in Flanders), we were very surprised.
'Weer Verder Gaan' is doing very well. In the Flemish Ultratop 50, Dana enters immediately on the highest position! You can listen to this list on Radio 2 on Sunday between 16 and 18h. You can find the complete list via deze link.
In the Ultratop 50 Singles she’s doing very well too. 'Weer Verder Gaan' is new on the 6th place. The 6th place for Dana is gorgeous! In the Ultratop 50 Singles she never scored higher than this. In 1995 she was also on a 6th place with 'Geef de kinderen de wereld.' (Let the children have a world). If Dana would still rise next week, this would be her highest position ever. We can help her to reach her highest position ever by downloading the song via iTunes.
You can listen this Ultratop 50 Singles on MNM on Sunday between 9h30 and 13h and between 21h and midnight.
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New song: 'Weer Verder Gaan'
[16-01-2016]  New song: 'Weer Verder Gaan'    During the first episode of the program 'Liefde voor Muziek' (Love for Music, see later in our newsletter) Dana released a new single. 'Weer Verder Gaan' is a cover of Belle Perez’ song 'Sobrevivere'. A Dutch text was written to create a new version of this beautiful ballad. Dana surprised everybody with her song. The song can be downloaded via iTunes.
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Liefde voor Muziek
[16-01-2016]  Liefde voor Muziek   If you haven’t heard anything about “Liefde voor Muziek” in the past few days, then you’ve probably been living on another planet.
Monday evening, January 11, there was the first episode of the new season of “Liefde voor Muziek”.
Dana Winner stunned everyone with “Weer Verder Gaan”. Dana’s loyal fans already know everything about her qualities, but Monday night, she mades a lot of people speechless.
In the first episode, the artists had to choose a song of Belle Perez and they had to create a makeover of it.
Dana sang a beautiful Dutch version of “Sobrevivere”. Following to the broadcast, Dana was being loaded with congratulations on the social media. An anthology:
* Building Hall of Fame. Dana Winner in it. Ready.
* Dana Dana ... What are you doing? Was not a fan, but this is great! Congratulations!
* Waauw! Well done by Dana Winner
* Dana Winner surprised me. Wow, how beautiful is this?
Those and hundreds of other reactions reached us during the past few days.

During the broadcast, it was possible to download Dana’s song already. In no time, “Weer Verder Gaan” was on the 1st position on the iTunes download list. Dana is very happy about it! We hope many fans will download the song via iTunes. .
We are very curious about the first quotations in the charts.

It’s possible to watch the videos of all the songs in the show on the website. of this program. You can even watch the complete broadcast there.
Giving you an overview of all articles, videos and interviews that have appeared is becoming very difficult. We try to keep you up to date via our website. You can find this information on Dana’s Facebook page too.

Dana told us there will follow a lot of great songs in the upcoming episodes. In one of these episodes, everyone will have to sing one of Dana’s songs. Keep an eye on our website to stay up-to-date!
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Happy New Year!
[25-12-2015]  Happy New Year!   2015 is coming to an end, and when I look back I can only be happy.
In my private life I have everything that I want to: a daughter who feels happy and get good results at school, a partner who is always there when I need him, and my two lovely dogs that make me happy every time we go for a walk.

Professionally, I can do what I love to do: sing! And with my new record deal, I am very very happy.

The 26th of December, we have the last Christmas concert in Roeselare, and this concert is sold out! On December 30, we start with the second part of our theater tour “Leven Vol Liefde”.

Via this way, I would like to thank you for your support. Without my audience, I would be nowhere.

I wish you and your family a wonderful 2016, in good health and with much happiness!

I hope to meet you again at one of my concerts.

Love, Dana
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Dana receives an award
[18-10-2015]  Dana receives an award   On September 23, Dana Winner performed on the “Kustschlagerfestival” in De Panne (Belgium) and she received the “Lowlands Music Award”.
This award is a price for her entire career and it’s given to artists with a special merit in the Dutch music scene of the Lowlands.
The award will support Dutch music in The Lowlands.
Previous winners are Marva, Peter Koelewijn, Willy Sommers, Eric Marijsse, Dany Fabry and Luc Steeno.
Dana is 50 years old and already performing for 25 years. Dieter Bruneel from Neptunus-Pro thought this were two good reasons to give the award to Dana Winner.
The award was designed bij Herr Seele.
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House Of Cards

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