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Vote for Summer hit 2016!
[23-07-2016] This afternoon, the nominees for the Radio 2 Summer hit 2016 were announced.
In addition to the Summer Hit 2016 there are 6 other awards in different categories.
Dana Winner was nominated for two of these awards and she’s very happy with it.
In the category "Best Female Singer" Dana has been nominated along with Laura Tesoro, Emma Bale and Natalia. You can vote for Dana via this link.

Dana Winner also was nominated in the category "Best Dutch song". With nine other artists, Dana hopes to get this award with her song "Weer verder gaan".
You can vote for Dana via this link..

Finally, you can send your top 3 for the Summer hit of 2016. If you click on this link and tap "Dana Winner" in the searching bar, you can vote for "Ik laat je nu maar gaan" and for the new single "Jij bent de zon en ik de maan."

We hope you will vote for Dana (maybe several times?) ! Every vote counts!. We hope the 21st of August Dana will be the Winner of one of the awards!

[23-07-2016] On Ment TV and in Primo there is currently a contest about Dana Winner’s new video. Watch Dana’s latest video clip very carefully and answer the questions.
There are nice prices: You can win a weekend for 6 people at Center Parcs (Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands) or tickets for 6 people for one of Dana Winner’s Pure XXL concerts.
You can participate (for Primo, you must be logged in) via the links below
Ment TV

New tour 'Leven vol liefde'
[19-11-2015] At this moment there are some tryouts behind us.
As usual, more than 200 paying members of the fanclub got the scoop. With a snack and a drink, they enjoyed the first tryout of the new show in 'The Kaasboerin'.
The Ment TV viewers, TV Oranje viewers, Radio 2 listeners and readers of Primo TV Gids were the next to explore Dana's new show. Therefore, we went to Mechelen and Utrecht, where a select audience enjoyed as well as the entire show.
Afterwards, the spectators were very enthusiastic. The best response we received was: 'The person who hasn't seen this show, will really have missed something!'
On Thursday, November 19th, the new tour will start with the first show in theater De Molenberg in Delfzijl. The show is only about 'love'. Some secrets about Dana's love life will be revealed. She will tell about her first boyfriend, her first dates, her love for music, her love for her fans, and especially: her love for her father.
All these stories will be set in a musical context with old hits and surprising new songs;
Tickets for this tour can still be ordered. Take a look at 'Event' on
It's possible to greet Dana personally after each show when you come to our promotion stand.

Attacks in Paris
[14-11-2015] Attacks in Paris
Everyone will have heard the news about the attacks in Paris, France.
It has been almost one year since the attacks on Charlie Hebdo. Friday the 13th of November 2015, there were several attacks again. More than 120 people lost their lives. I want to express my support for the families and friends of the deceased.

Additional tryouts
[18-10-2015] Try-out Ment TV On November 13 there is an additional tryout in Mechelen (BE) in association with Ment TV. You can be there too!
You will be welcomed with a drink, can talk to Dana Winner and can watch her show.
Only 50 people will be invited. Therefore, this may be a very unique experience.
If you want to be one of the 50 winners, you’ll have to go to for more information.